Not all lovers can turn their love into poetry

I will remember

The nights we lay on bed listening to my cheesy old songs

The early mornings when you were awake and I was still half sleeping

How your T-shirts felt on my soft skin

How comfy and warm it was next to you

They say

Drunk people are never sad

But very little they know

They have died a million times in those drunk moments

Because of a love that cannot be fulfilled

Because of someone they cannot forget

Sometimes I wish I could forget everything about us, about you

Sometimes I wish we never met

Then sometimes I wish I would never forget a single moment spent with you

Because I know I was happy

And because I know I was alive

I was drunk in those moments

So drunk that I didn’t realise

I have died a million times too…




Forgotten love

Concept: we are together. you are sleeping with your body wrapped around mine. it is quiet. my mind is calm. we are happy.
It hurts to even think about a lost love.

Our dreams will soon be forgotten.

The memories will fade.

I don’t know when I’ll be able to forget..