Tiny me

Ok, let see, what I’m supposed to say about me…. I’m 24, an ordinary girl with dark brown eyes, pale skin, dark hair. I love watching people. Sometimes, when I get bored, I just sit in a corner somewhere and watch people. I like to see them talk, walk, do their stuffs, etc. It’s one of my weird favorite hobbies.

I extremely love reading. I read a lot. Each book brings me different kind of inspiration. I cry, smile, feel with the characters in books. It’s impossible for me to meet all the people in the world or travel to all places in this beautiful planet so reading is a really good way for me to see and experience diverse lives and feelings.

I’m tiny in this huge world.

I breathe and feel.

I love and nourish my soul.

I’m young and excited.

I use this blog to share all the moments in life that I’m lucky enough to experience. And I love taking photos as well….


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