Perhaps it takes longer for me. One day I’ll find me a home, a man and a garden. One day I’ll be happy in my own house. We’ll go shopping for furnitures. I’ll arrange things in the lounge, our bedroom, the kitchen, the toilet. I’ll hang arts on the wall. I’ll make it somewhere we both want to return after a long tiring working day. I’ll learn to cook. I’ll make desserts. I’ll be a patient willing housewife. I’ll work in my garden in the weekend if we don’t go away on road trips. I’ll grow roses, lots of roses, perhaps some vegetables and herbs. We’ll maybe have a dog. I’ll kiss my man good morning and goodnight. We’ll joke and kiss and make love and talk about having kids and I’ll tell him I’ve always wanted to have children with the man I love and that man is him. We’ll take some walks then go back home, take baths together after work. I’ll light some scented candles, make life all sweet and romantic. We’ll play “The way you look tonight” by Frank Sinatra on our vinyl player and share a glass of wine together…It’ll take time for me to get there

But I’ll be there one day

I’ll find my home where I’ll lay all my trust and hope

I’ll find the man I love and whom loves me in return 

One day I’ll be happy, and content and loved 


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