One day, God will speed your love to me

“She loved him, with such determination and certainty, as if she always knew he was the only one for her, as if she would never know of any other love than his” ❤️LD


I wrote this being so certain about what I felt. Sometimes I ask myself if the love I feel is real or is it just some kind of illusion. 

The only grownup thing I’ve ever done for you was to leave you. Or did you leave me? We just stopped taking. We stopped seeing each other. It just happened, within a blink of an eye. I keep trying to see how you’re doing. You’re a very private person and once you’re gone, you’re gone. We became two strangers again. 

Sometimes I still wonder if you’re happy. My heart still aches everytime I go pass the places where we spent our date nights. Even walking on the street where you live hurts. I wonder if I still cross your mind every now and then. 

“And time goes by,

So slowly

And time can do so much

Are you still mine?”


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