Everything is gonna be ok 

“One day you’ll wake up at 11:30 AM on a Sunday with the love of your life and you’ll make some coffee and pancakes and it’ll all be alright.”


What do you want when you’re 25? 

“wow i cant wait to have my own apartment n come running down the hallway to my door in my heels after a long day at work and opening my door and hearing the sound of my keys hitting the counter and looking at what mail arrived that day and then going to the bathroom and taking care of myself and applying lotions to my entire body n applying face masks and listening to the way you look tonight by frank sinatra on vinyl n dancing around slowly while wearing nothing but my cute lace bra & undies n a dark red silky lace robe that i havent even wrapped around my body yet and making myself a snack. i cant wait to get to that.”

When you’re 25 and you’re single and free and all you want is to have your own apartment so that you can do all the crazy things you want without disturbing anyone.

You know you can’t wander around forever because your 30’s will come in the blink of an eye but then at the same time you don’t know what to expect either because life is a chain of surprising events and you never know what’s around the corner…

All I want now is someone I love and who loves me in return. All I need in this very moment is someone to cuddle and tell silly jokes with. In an early summer night, a 25 year old young girl is staying quietly in her room wondering what it is out there for her. She doesn’t know if she still believes that the one exists or if it’s always been a creation of over romantic minds. She doesn’t know. She doesn’t try to find out either.

Maybe one day, we’ll be happy in our own apartment. I’ll wrap a towel around my body after shower, jiggling along “The way you look tonight” by Frank Sinatra with a glass of wine in my hand while you’re making dinner for us. One day…


The Answers

In millions of questions I want to ask in that brief moment when my whole life flashes back in front of me, would I be asking the same questions like the guy did in the movie? Would I be scared of asking about the person who’s most right for me in the whole universe or any universes there’ll ever be? Would I be afraid to ask because deep down I already know the answer and the answer scares me because I’d never have a second chance to reunite with that person ever?

When was the happiest moment of my life?

Will it be:

Walking on the beach on a beautiful day with the sun, the sand, the wind and my soul singing?

Being with dear friends, drinking, dancing, living our young days to the fullest?

The moment of realisation and appreciation that I’m doing a job that is actually meaningful?

Holding my child for the first time?

Lying on bed next to him, listening to our favourite songs in a lazy morning, loving and trusting, knowing that I’m loved and protected, seeing him smile with my silly jokes and the world out there no longer matters?

“One day,

whether you are 14, 28 or 65,

you will stumble upon someone

who will start a fire in you

that cannot die.


the saddest, most awful truth

you will ever come to find –

is they are not always

with whom we spend our lives”.

  • Beau Taplin, Hunting Season

That night in the alleyway 

One night, I realised that we’re now too far away from each other and I got so sad because I know we’ll be lost and we’ll never find the way to go back to each other…

I saw you in the alleyway the other night. I was out with my girlfriends. We had dinner at a Mexican place near your apartment. I was so sure it was you at the time. We walked on opposite directions and I dared not look because I was scared that you would look at me too and walk away so I chose to look away and pretend to talk to my friends. And now I am not sure if it was you or just a person on the street that I mistook as you. I regretted that I didn’t look more carefully to see if it was really you so now I don’t have to deal with such confusion in my mind.

Was that you that night on the street? Did you see me? Was you sad that we’re apart?