No Surprises

“No alarms and no surprises,

No alarms and no surprises,

No arlarms and no surprises, please!”


As the first child.

As a girlfriend.

As an employee.

As a student.

Flowers stop blooming in my garden for quite a while now.

I want to hear the sound of the sea. I want to close my eyes inhaling the smell of the earth after rain. I want to be curled in bed reading a good book. I need a holiday at a far far away place with the man I love. Then nothing else will ever matter.



Closing the book

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You get married and you think this is the man you will spend the rest of your life with.

Then life happens.

You separate, and for the next three years you don’t see him. You don’t hear his voice. The soft lilt in his Rs. You don’t see him ruffled up in the morning before he puts on his armour to face the world. You don’t smell him in the corridor before you leave the house. You don’t see his name pop up on your phone. You don’t know what song he belts out as he drives with the window down and Bluetooth earpiece on. You don’t know what person he thinks is a complete muppet. You don’t hear the word muppet anymore. You never have to put the toilet seat down.

You begin to wonder if you dreamed the whole thing up.

The waves now wash over you once every…

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Love, Despite


This is for me and you. I was being really angry with you before just because I was tired after work and did not come kiss and hug you and you thought I did not love you anymore. We need to re-read this one to remind us about what love is and why we are still together even though sometimes life is hard and we seem unloveable :P But I love you still. And nothing can change it!!!

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 Before I married my husband, I told him to make sure that he was marrying me for who I was that day, and not for any future changes he hoped to have wrought in me through the “transforming” power of marriage. Though we were both young, I had seen enough unhappy marriages to make me wary of the institution, and who wants to be institutionalized, really?  I had no question that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him, but I wanted us to start off with as little illusion as possible.  I wanted to know that he saw me, and not some airbrushed version of a girl to be placed on a pedestal.  It is easy to fall in love if you believe all the fairy tales and movies.  Beautiful women with flowing hair and flawless skin meet muscled men with pure hearts and chivalrous intentions and they ride off to his manor with servants aplenty…

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What am I afraid of?

It’s 5 o’clock in the morning. I’m lying here with the phone in my hand and my mind is messed up with hundred if questions I couldn’t answer. I don’t know what I’m doing with my life here. I don’t know if I’m happy or miserable. I feel like I don’t feel anymore. I don’t know what stage in life I have reached. I don’t know if I’m in love or I’m pushing myself into it unconsciously and involuntarily.
I feel like a fool. Oh, I’ve been a fool before and got my heart broken but it was different to this time. I’m 23 and still dreaming that Prince Charming exists. Ha, it’s hilarious, you must think. Life is not a fairy tale and thing that disappoints me the most was that the more I tried to be faithful and honest, the more ridiculous the situation became. So, what’s the fucking point of keeping trying when you already know that it’s not gonna work? Maybe deep inside me, I still have that little hope fairy takes can happen, one day, to the ones who wait long enough. Am I wrong here? They never happen, don’t they? And they never have anyway.
Look back at everything that has happened lately, I realized that maybe everything I think and feel is just illusion. I deluded myself into a fantasy world where love and faithfulness exist. Sometimes I ask myself if what I’m getting out of this relationship worth my effort, my time and even my tears. I shouldn’t have cried that much. I should have been more happy and enjoy these years of youth without having to worry about anything. Yes, I feel like a fool right now for always being nice and caring. I should have been a careless reckless bitch and got the best man in this whole fucking world. But I preferred to be nice and see what I’ve got? Nothing but disappointment and lies.
Lying here tonight looking back at my life, u questioned myself where all my dreams have gone? Where did they go? Did they just evaporate and disappear into nothing? My beautiful endless dreams I once had and now I’m not dreaming anymore. I used to draw, and sing, and read all the time and what I’m doing right now? I’m doing nothing that makes me happy.
What am I afraid of? Life happens everyday and sometimes shit happens too. I’ve always tried to be positive and always looked at the bright side of things but then I’m afraid. I’m afraid of being lonely, of being left out, of being forgotten and unloved. Are they the reasons I’ve always chased after things I don’t actually want? Because I’m afraid of loneliness? What can a 23-year-old girl in my situation do? I don’t know. There’s not a single clue.
I once wrote on a friend’s FB page on his birthday to wish his nice life with adventures and told him to live his life to the fullest. That’s what I always want to do too: living my life to the fullest. And now, after everything that happened, I don’t see any destination I wanna go to. I no longer see myself as a girl with songs and flowers in her heart and stars in her eyes. I thought it was a part of growing up but then I realize it wasn’t. I’ve just been so wrong and blind that I didn’t see my path in life, the path that I want to go, not the one I’m destined to.
Maybe I need sometime off and think about what to do next. I’m exhausted. But people say life is good and this little hope in me will never die. I believe in tomorrow. I believe one day I’ll be love truly and wholeheartedly. I still believe so.
Don’t be afraid, little girl! You’ll be fine. Live the life you want the way you want.
Life is too short to be heartbroken for so long.
If you need to move on, do it. It’s not your fault if people lie to you or betray you. One day, you’ll find someone you can trust and love forever.
And live your life to the fullest. When I’m old and grey, I want to look back at my life and smile because I know that I’ve had a life worth living.
What are you afraid of?



We’ll remember us, won’t we?


This one time I painted a living room with a girl.

This was a handful of years back. It was about eight months before the huge, flame-out of a breakup. That day, though? That day we painted the living room? It was pretty uneventful. We painted my parents living room for $50 between us and a pizza. That was it. I think we watched Anchorman or something after that.

But it still holds as on of the most indelible memories I have. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not still in love, it happened, it was good, it ended, and we’ve both moved on. But I’ll never forget that day. Because it’s never, in the long run, about the grand gestures. You can fly across the world and show up on her doorstep with a rose in your teeth and a ring in a little velvet box but I can guarantee you that – more often than not – she’s going to remember the time you built the birdhouse in the back yard, or what have you, a whole lot more.

Life wasn’t meant to be taken in large movements. The next day will inevitably arrive, you’ll sleep, and the moment will have passed. But when you have a hundred thousand small moments, you can step back and appreciate the picture a lot more than metaphorically blowing your load on some grand moment that, in all honesty, look, you’re not Bruce Fucking Springsteen, you’re not going to be able to blow everyone’s mind every single night. You’re not Romeo and/or Juliet. There’s no reason to drink the poison together in some flame-out gesture. So that leaves us with the small stuff. It’s all about the detail.

That’s what love is. Attention to detail.

And the moment will end. And then things will get boring. And it might get a little quiet. And it might all end horribly. And you might hate each other at the end. And you might walk away from each other one day and never speak again. But that’s just how it goes.

But she’ll remember the time you held the door open for her on your first date.
She’ll remember the time you laughed at her impression of the landlady.
She’ll remember the time you stayed up all night that first time.
She’ll remember the small things a lot longer than the big ones.

But everything ends. And I’ll tell you why you have to make the small things, the small moments count so much more:

One day, probably a while longer from now, when old age takes ahold of someone, she might just only remember your smile. Everything you ever did together, every second, every moment, every beat, every morning spent in bed, every evening spent together on the sofa, all of that – gone. Everything you ever did will be reduced to the head of a pin. She won’t remember your name. She’ll just remember your smile, and she’ll smile. She won’t know why. It’s a base, gut reaction. But she’ll smile, uncontrollably, and it will come from somewhere so deep as to know that you touched her on a primal, honest, and true level that no scientist, scholar, or savant could ever begin to explain. There is no more. There is nothing else. There is just this: She’ll remember your smile, and she’ll smile.

And you know what? That’s all that really matters in the end.

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I’m fucked up tonight. Don’t know what to say. Don’t know what to do.

It’s 1:22 in the morning. It’s a Sunday.

The wind is whining outside. It’s cold and dark.

I don’t know what to do and what to feel anymore. It seems like my life has turned into a mess now and there’s no way to save it.

Just burned out the last cigarette. A night that I won’t forget.

There’s still a bit of wine in the bottle. I wanna be drunk to forget about everything. I’m totally burned out. Tired. Fucked up.

Tomorrow maybe another day but in this very moment, I never want the morning to come. What’s wrong with me?  I used to be a different person. I wish I could be so innocent, happy and excited like I was before.

Was this the biggest mistake I’ve ever made in my life?

I don’t even wanna think about it.

Listening to Lana Del Rey’s “National Anthem”. Wish I could be somebody’s national anthem.

Wish one day I could say out loud that:

“Tell me I’m your national anthem.

Summer’s in the air.

Baby, heaven’s in your eyes…”

From when I started becoming this person? I don’t even know what I want. what I need in life.

I can’t trust anybody and tonight I felt like I’ve just lost something precious, someone precious that I should definitely keep in my life.

It’s too late now, I know. When the dawn comes, when he wakes up, we’ll become two strangers, like before. And it’ll be dark and lonely again.

I want the morning would never come. I don’t want to say goodbye to this person. It’s too late for anything to be said or done. I just regret that I didn’t see the person who he really was and I didn’t treat him the way he should be treated. Yes, I was a liar. I was a fucking cheater. Whatever I say or do now, it won’t matter any more. He said I’ll meet someone better, someone I’ll give my whole heart to and never lie to or cheat on. And he said he was not that one.

He’s sleeping silently on my bed, right next to me but it feels like he’s miles away. And he’ll be gone tomorrow when the morning comes. I don’t know what I’m feeling right now. Things happened so fast that I couldn’t even react to it.

I don’t know since when I became the person I am today. I wish we met a year before. I wish he showed me that there were someone loving me genuinely so I wouldn’t become the person I’m today, the person I disgusted. I wish I knew there were a person that cared for me that much that I’ll be able to open my heart to let him in without the fear of being betrayed.

It’s too late for anything to be said and done anyway.

Should I just come back with the life I was living? The life of parties, of finding temporary joy in drinking, of one-night-stands, of men that come and go after one night. I gave up looking for a love that lasts a lifetime and it came when I expected it the least. Maybe it’s destiny. Maybe this time life taught me a lesson. A lesson of give and take. And it also reminds me of my ultimate dream of having a family of my own with a man who loves me wholeheartedly and our beautiful kids. A dream that has long been forgotten due to so many heartbreaks and too much expectation and disappointment.

I’ll remember this.

Tonight and all that happened.

What will happen tomorrow when we wake up? How will I feel?

I’m scared. I’m lost.